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My Current Django Development Setup

In this article, I’ll list some tools I use for developing web applications in Python/Django and describe my workflow. I’ll also share a few tweaks I’ve come up with to make my life easier. I realize my Django development setup is ever evolving and will probably change significantly as I discover new tools and techniques. So, I’ll make sure to edit this article when that happens. For now, here we go:

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Automatically Reply to Facebook Birthday Wishes with Python!

So, let’s say it’s your birthday. You’re super-excited and spend the day having your cake and eating it too. The next morning you log in to Facebook, only to find your timeline completely flooded with birthday posts from all your well-wishers. You want to reply to all of them, but it would take you all day! How do you automate this whole process of liking and commenting on each birthday post without toiling away on Facebook for hours? We turn to our trusty little friend: Python!

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