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Django: Save Screenshot of a Webpage

Let’s say you want to save the screenshot of a webpage in Django. For example, you might need to store a screenshot of an agreement with your client’s signature when it’s filled up and submitted.

If you look for an external library to do this, you might stumble upon django-screamshot. I haven’t tried this library, but it looks promising.

In this tutorial, however, I’ll show you how to achieve this using the HTML5 Canvas and Python.

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Django HTML Template: SB Admin 2

In this article, I’ll explain my approach to working with a Django HTML template and optimizing template inheritance in Django. In general, I consider myself a backend developer, but I do have to deal with a lot of HTML/CSS/JavaScript during my development. Mostly when I start a new project, I begin by selecting an appropriate HTML template for it and then deconstructing the template until it’s modular and optimized for inheritance.

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My Current Django Development Setup

In this article, I’ll list some tools I use for developing web applications in Python/Django and describe my workflow. I’ll also share a few tweaks I’ve come up with to make my life easier. I realize my Django development setup is ever evolving and will probably change significantly as I discover new tools and techniques. So, I’ll make sure to edit this article when that happens. For now, here we go:

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